note cards

the following designs are all available. i am somewhat flexible on colors (including color of cut-outs and stationery) so let me know if you have specific preferences. also, since i use recycled materials as much as i can, the paper cut-out cards vary slightly, depending on what paper scraps i am using, so please consider the designs below as examples, not necessarily what every card will look like. i will also do custom work as time allows, so please don't hesitate to inquire!

luvly mutts (paper, felt, thread, $3/card) - below are some examples of mutt types ... each card is unique:

feeeelines (paper, felt, thread, $3/card):

photo cards (original photograph on paper, $2/card):

happy tongue

snow safari 

lake eyes

pretty please?

you jump i'll jump


kitty curtain


i meow you (ink-stamped paper, $2/card):

i howl you (ink-stamped paper/ $2/card):

tiny cats (paper cut-out, $2/card):

puppy flower power (ink-stamped & paper cut-out, $2/card):

kitty flower power (ink-stamped & paper cut-out, $2/card):

puppy love (ink-stamped & paper cut-out, $2/card):

kitty love (ink-stamped & paper cut-out, $2/card):

pitbull with lipstick (copied original drawing & paper cut-out, $2/card - the background color can be anything you request):

the stork cometh (paper cut-out, $4/card - boy or girl):

let them eat cake (paper cut-out, $4/card):

olive you (paper cut-out, $4/card):

hung out to dry (paper cut-out, $4/card):

dog, cat or giant squid (ink-stamped, $2/card) - i can cater to any dog, cat or squid lover with my ink-stamped cards. all three come in small or large sizes, in a variety of colors (both paper and ink), and can be on their own or customized with any name or word(s) - see below for some examples:

star-crossed - fading stars accent the corner of these note cards (ink-stamped, $2/card - stars and paper in a variety of colors, just ask!):

simple monograms (or full names) - for the person spare in aesthetics, but not heart (ink-stamped, $2/card - letters and paper come in a variety of colors):

the man card - simple, elegant, direct, for the man who is less in touch with his adorable animal within (ink-stamped, $2/card - letters can be stamped in a variety of colors):