about me

my name is chloe shaw. i am a mother, wife, writer and human companion to four shelter animals. i created this project one night after hearing that our local animal shelter was over-run with animals in need of homes. i was feeling frustrated that - with finances tight and a new baby at home - i couldn't do more to help them. with two rescue dogs, two rescue cats and one homemade baby boy already living under our roof, i knew my husband and i could not take any more into our home (at least not if I wanted to stay married!). it was time to start thinking creatively. so i came up with these note cards, knowing that it's a particularly difficult time simply to be giving money away. i thought if i made something that you might need anyway (c'mon, who doesn't appreciate a good old hand-written letter?) - especially if you know the money is all (that's right, 100%!) going to help our furry friends - then maybe we can collectively make a difference. so there you have it: buy a note card. save an animal. (not to mention the postal service.) thank you!