10 February 2010

welcome to cardivore!

CARD-I-VORE: any of an order (cardivora) that typically purchases note cards locally (aka, not from cvs).

greetings! thank you for visiting cardivore.

i now sell my cards through etsy. please visit my shop safaricards here! and spread the word! thank you.

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Alc said...

You're doing such an amazing and inspiring job. I got here through Swink's publication of your "Excerpts from Animal Facebook" which had me laughing like a hyena. I really enjoyed your work! If there's anything else out there to read, I'd love to get my paws on it. Forgive the puns, I can't help them right now. Anyway, keep at it! And I hope to purchase a card of yours as soon as I start earning a regular paycheck. Cheers!

-fellow writer and animal lover,